Tuesday, 9 February 2010

『#18 ◕‿◕✿』

WOO! I changed my blog song
replay and 100天 now =D
AHHH I'm so COOL. perasaan case.
Hmm... tomorrow I will have to go to school from 6 to 8 so ermm. can't blog tomorrow =/
AHHH and I deleted the youtube MV for 100天 DX
IDIOT me I have to find another one DX
AHH but then I changed the colour to PURPLE =D
my FAVOURITE colour.
WOOHOO! Valentines and chinese new year is coming =D
gonna get less ang pow/lai see.
as usual =/ maybe gonna get enough money to buy a laptop whahaha.
◕‿◕✿ AHH kawaii desu. found it from FACEBOOK
I am being very protective since I heard all those stuff my teacher told me during ICT.
HAHA. I'm a good listener XD
Hmmm.. update on Thursday =D if I have time. HAHA.
okayy byeee.

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