Saturday, 6 February 2010


Ahhh here are two videos I laughed like HELL today XD

video quality not that good =/ 

感人+ 搞笑 = 爱情故事
video quality not that good =/ 

I got a new background =D
anyone interested you can get it from HERE!
 choose already I could maybe help you make ^^
my blog's background is actually my twitter's one XD
anyway. Today is as usual BORING!
Photo editing =D
came up with this.
I am EMO at the moment. 
to be honest I'm being more EMO.
Maybe I would change my background to black too XD
hmmm.. oh yeah!
this year's CNY I'm gonna be ALONE again and also maybe valentines day. x(
Oh well I would watch videos anyway
and finish watching Hi my sweet heart
Ahh I got a new hoody! take picture later =D
Oh took some photos! edited TODAY! YAY!
shoot 1.

shoot 2.

shoot 3.
=P crazy ME!

shoot 4.
The old smile =] 
listening to Wayne Lim's AKA. JJ Lin's songs >_< 
one of his song. I ♥ MOST 
old song but I still ♥ =]
video quality not that good =/ 

video quality not that good =/

I'm getting dummer each day =/ HAHA.
not really ;D
AHHHHH I love youtube videos XD
weee.. .I'm gonna watch tomorrow again
btw I'm ASIAN ^o^V

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