Thursday, 4 February 2010


(faked smile)

again =D
Tomorrow is NON-Uniform day again =D
I'm gonna cam whore AGAIN!
AHAHHA. In the toilet AGAIN!
It's gonna be a long post tomorrow I think XD
heees=] now blogging in new method a cam  whore photo then i will blog with LOADS of writing XD
My sister is so-damn-ANNOYED by the word cam whore
she don't really like cam whore I don't know why
She follows my blog so probably here face would be like this ¬.¬ or =.=||| right now when she sees this =D
Hmm.. I think I'm gonna have a tweetphoto account XD
or maybe not. wakaka.
byeee. Update tomorrow
Wait for meee. XDDD

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