Sunday, 28 February 2010

║Happy Birthday ♥║

It's John's birthday
Made a little short video =)

wish him happy always ^^
get good result in exams :]
each year more leng zai XD
best wishes. ^^

Oh yay!
one picture of me with FLASH! like FINALLY. XD
I have bag eyes! :( They are so black =/
I have modify the fonts for the Internet browser! YAY ME!
and also I edited the width of my layout and also some widgets =D
deleted the falling snow cos my layout is all WHITE so the snow is WHITE too doesn't really look obvious. =/ 
ohh and I HAVE LOST my yellow book for ICT T.T
My teacher is gonna kill me if it's not in my ICT folder. =/
AHHH and the music is not work for I-don't-know-what-REASON
I think something happen when I uninstall the CRAPPY photoshop which I downloaded.
ARGHHH. wtf. pissed off now. ishhhh
anyway I saw kenichi matsuyama. L from death note.
X3 awww. such a cutiee.
Kenichi Matsuyama! :D
My sister says I look like a pervert here ==
ishhh f.y.i she has a pervertic mind =S LOL! jokes ;D
I think the boogy man took it :X
and also I lost my black pen cover YESTERDAY.
I think the boggy man took it too :X
okayyy I shout too much. my ears also pekak. XD
ohhlalala webcam-ed with KEAN MUN and BRYAN XD
nice hat bryan ;D not cool though :P
and and I'm playing FRIENDSTER AGAIN!!
add me there :]
urghhh okayy I have to do my homework
ICT =.= ahhhh..
okayyy last post for the day :]
iloveeeeeeeeu XD

Friday, 26 February 2010


A picture I look so WEIRD. 0.0 
anyway! here I'm blogging on FRIDAY :) 
Finally FRIDAY. 
was a very tough week this week =__= 
got bullied by bitches. ishh ishh 
had a quite boring teachers like today's 
MUSIC lesson *yawn* we got a new girl teacher from Ireland
and and geography is okayy lo. OHH I found out something 
LG phones are made from MALAYSIA 
and others are made from CHINA x) 
Hmmm.. so bored anyway 2 DAYS!!! :D 
heeee. okayy I'm blank now. 
Oh yeahh! I'm now watching 巴不得爸爸 
NICE SHOW!! XD very funny! 
I'm now using labels cos my updates are too much and if I wan't to find it back it's so hard =__= 
Ahhh there's STRANGER adding me on MSN =/ 
When you add my msn tell me so that I can approve ;D
GAHH. I'm so LAZY to do any homework.
anything you wanna talk to me 
talk to me on MSN or facebook or my CBOX :D

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

║Dad's Birthday║

I'm so pissed of now a days
ohh yeah! it's my DAD's birthday today XD
Family PHOTO :D
Red eggs :D for my dad.
I ate one for lunch with my maggie LAKSA noodle. XD
sister wrapped the present :D
I wrote the ICING :D
mum made the cake :)
and another shot :D

:P :D
AHHH here :D 
my sister took this when I wasn't looking :L
How I sit at home when no one is looking XD 
It's same as how kean mun sit when he's on his bed on his laptop ;D
I webcam-ed with him ;D
AHHHH sakit perut :( ishh. 
okayyy I'm so lazy now =___________= 
urghhh I hate netball :( 
tomorrow I will suffer if the guy doesn't some D: 
AHHH Oh well I will die get ready to collect a dead body 
HAHHAHA. just joking ;D
tomorrow is the worse day I could ever have D: 
learning-T.PE.French and German. 
DX noooooooo I hate tomorrow's lessons
ishh oh yeah I think I can't get a new laptop for another one year I think =/ 
AHHH I realise I have too much =_________= 
in my updates. XD ohh well I just blog for FUN :D 
I will be pissed off for the WHOLE weekdays :P 
visit this website
but it will change ;D 
I saw MALAYSIA on the first one before XD
I think I would go on it on the weekends to improve my maths XD
you have to have the log in to enter it ;D
I changed my bloggie background and also favicon XD
It's purple and white theme :D
and and I also added some widgets :D
they are cuteee X3 
I like the calendar XD
so hmm byeeee. :D 
I got to go to sleep. 

Sunday, 21 February 2010


I'm lameee at blogger widgets. =_____=
I'm lameee at cam whoring now. =_____=
urghh. my so called lameeee attitude is coming up.
so I syokk myself eating WASABI PRINGLES
which cost £1 =P
It's NICEE. very syokk XD
so I was reading a blog then there was this animation picture
then my mum saw it and said "dun put ur photos like that arh!" 
I was like =.=|| wtf. in my brain. 
anyway so skip that I don't want to screw my head in to this topic again. 
okayy so I had to sleep then wake up to have lunch then sleep then have a shower and then end up ONLINE again! 
I hate waking up. but I wasn't dreaming =/ 
I was sleeping.
RESTING for tomorrow 
OKAYY! taking ART! not media. =P
I camwhored before I slept in the afternoons XD
I think I would do that every holiday 
sleep every afternoons XD 
Hmm..I wonder if my blog is boring or too FAST to catch up or is it ALRIGHT =D
=____= I can't read Chinese. 
ishhh I hate it =_________= 
but I can translateee. :D XD
I still have photos I haven't upload =_____= 
I haven't edited it so I didn't upload it =) 
ohhh lala. number 31 posts adyy :D 
I'm so hyperr when it comes to bloggies stuff XD
I have to delete some posts in december cos there are like 48 
SO do you think I should blog LESSER? 
question of the DAY! 
answer pleaseee. =) 
urghh tomorrow I have to go to school =____= 
my sister doesn't need to go! 
wth. not fair! XP 
okayy I'm going to delete some photos in my documents =D 
it's making the computer sloww like a snail =____= 
okayyy so byee. 
enjoy this post cos not gonna update until ermm. 
tuesday I think. won't be updating on monday. ;D
I was going to change my theme to black unsecond thought I'm not going to.
Looks kinda weird for my animation stuff XD
pleaseee answer my question before you close the window. 
comment on the bottom of THIS posts thankyouu very muchie! :D 

heee. as you all know I was waiting for a stupid human to text me back 
haaha and he did. 
for how many hours I have to wait =.= 
I almost give up =/ 
heeee. getting his text makes me smile like a crazy girl x) 
made a new signature XD 
the theme of the month is HELLO KITTY! 
I'm gonna change it when I feel like to XD 
thankyouu to xin yi for tell me the link to the signature generator 
sorry if my blog lags ur computer D= 
I added the snow which falls down. 
yeeee. Hi my sweetheart! so gan jiong >_____< 
episode 11 next week oni can see 
eiiii ahhhh wahhh 
aheemm calm down.. 
so I was laughing at the text he sent back to me 
and now I'm happy but NOT ready for school 
hmm... I think it's what I got today. 
shirley oh shirley 
faster get ur computer FIX~ 
I need you.. XD
Feeling a bit lonely now 
okayy I have been going through youtubes 
:D toms/tomboys are not all lesbians =D
I like toms.they are cool =D
some toms yeah I'm calling them toms XD
are like GUYS O_O 
I like ullzzang/gyaru guys
ullzzang is korean. gyaru is japanese. XD 
still I like toms XP
toms are so cuteeee X3 and also ullzzang guys X3 
some toms are cute but not all of them XP no offence :] 
This tom is so cuteee X3 she's call NIKE. 
kyaaaa. X3 kawaii 
she's like a girl I meet from facebook call jass
It's like they are twin or something XD 
then I went on facebook and then I search nikeju 
woohoo YAY! I found his facebook =D
kyaaaaa X3 okayy I'm so obsessed now XD
I think they are all the same human using one photo O_O
I guess la~ or maybe they just look alike 
 anyway it's not my problem~ 
my problem is I don't wanna go to school~ =.= 
I have to face bitches now. 
ishh ishh ishh anyway. oh well 
i think that's it and and 
I like getting surprise texts :D
I think I would change my layout to black one =D
I don't know yet maybe next week or today XD

Saturday, 20 February 2010

『#24 EMO』

okayy today I'm being EMO
I'm not gonna chat a lot unless you wanna ask me why I'm being an EMO
I'm pissed off today so hmmm... yeah 
and I woke up 10 in the morning! YAY me! 
a bit of black eyes are gone! YAY me! again. 
so tday I'm going to choose new specs cos the current one it so rubbish! 
Gonna walk around town so not gonna online after this update until I come back and online! 
but this post doesn't has picture cos I'm using my sister's profile and I'm lazy to go to mine and get pictures 
so hahahhaa quite boring if you don't read it. 
I'm gonna get a black one or a white one or a silver one. 
3 colours I'm gonna choose =D 
so yeah. quick update from me so that me blog won't be dead. :D 
so hmm. I maybe won't be EMO if things change. 

so hmm.. what happen TODAY.
yes I wen't out & about today in town.
then I came back uploaded photos! 
chatted with kean mun. =) 
feel better now. 
had a GREAT laugh with kean mun 
was talking bout his citizenship and nose bleed XD 
then I had to off cos I had to cook =.= 
I ate too much smarties in one time DX
urghh feel sick
I didn't realise it was saturday. =(
only one day to be free =( 
urghh I hate it when holidays end. 
same to kean mun XD
watched hi my sweetheart episode 10 adyy >__<
4 to go! 
I had a headache because of some private reasons. =/ 
but then since kean mun cheered me up 
haha. I'm good now =) 
I'm gonna be one less lonely girl ♥
AHH I love Justin Bieber now 
hope he doesn't get jealous =) 
he's just a singer ;D
I'm gonna cry my eyes out cos I feel uncomfortable not crying =/
when I go to sleep lar~
I'm gonna sleep early and wake up early~
hmm. okayy I'm not gonna wait for that SMS too long.
I'm clearing my mind now.
LOL. I cleared it but then for some reason that thing pop up to my mind again
special thanks to kean mun staying up late till 3AM to chat with me :D
update tomorrow! :D
btw changed my blog's song to one less lonely girl by Justin bieber ♥
kyaaa. ulzzang guys are so cuteee. X3


today I woke up 10 in the morning
felt weird not onlining in the morning XD
Hmm.. so then I just online for a while and then had to go out to look at specs
I saw one which is black and white.
quite nice maybe gonna get that x)
but if I look ugly in that I don't know what I would choose XD
Then walked with sisters and mum and saw this short skirt XD
and shorts =D
but didn't buy them cos they didn't really fit that well
my legs look so ODD and WEIRD. =/

Okayy then I saw this shirt =D
Shot 1.
Shot 2.
Shot 3.
couldn't get the head =/ was really rushing while posing.
couldn't really pose properly XD
Shot 4.
=) look sleepy here LOL.
Shot 5.
My eyes can't open WIDE. =/
still sleepy -____-
Shot 6.
yeahh. I like this one.
I think. XD
I have no idea why I hold my waist =/
but I didn't buy it cos it's not really nice XD


After answering, state the reason why and tag 5 person.


I choose LOVE.
cos it makes me HAPPY!
it makes life challenging
it makes life extremeeee. :D

cos they make me smile. :D
They quite important
They won't make me lonely :D
So that I won't be teased by some idiots who think they are smart and all :D
I can BUY stuff :D 
that makes me HAPPY! 
They are important. 
They are there for me when ever I need them. 
I need friends but it doesn't have to be A LOT 
a decent amount will do :D 

I will choose LOVE. :D cos I love him. her. and you! XD
I tag
~vivian lyl
~bryan lim

Friday, 19 February 2010


Oh I was bored yesterday so I camwhored and took random photos of my stuff in my room!
I made this =D
Now I don't cos I don't have the string to do it =/

my specs!

phoneeee. ♥

Lip balm./Lip Moisturizer
I have dry lips here =/

Got it free from WINX CLUB MAGAZINE.
I'm a winx club fan! 

Cross stitch.
 lelong lelong siapa mau.

Present from friend =D on Christmas
clip all my notes so that I won't for get. XD

Music box!

Random stuff I wrote during lunch times XD
Zoomed in =D
btw. I know they are very bad photography shots but OH WELL!