LOL. yeah I'm inspired
by youtubers
they could make like video's of them self like going crazy and all that bunch of stuff..
some of it made me LOL.
LOL. Hmmm.. I was think about making youtube videos
HAHA!! just for a thought anyway XD
maybe not cos holidays going to end like a few days a way.. so nehh..
I will see bout that anyway.. maybe going to start when I have my summer holidays
It's kinda long though summer holidays so I think I will do that since I won't be getting any homework on summer holidays. haha!! or maybe not..
I don't know yet.. so haha..
just a random update from me since like no one updates their blog so kinda bored so I update mine
kinda sleepy though woke up like early in the morning but
my sister was in the way of the door..
she called me to wake her up and I did
but then she doesn't want to so HA! I can't make her wake up =P don't blame me ;D
 the actual first update for 2010 and it's all crap =_____________=

actually I am totally moody but after watching youtube videos made by Queerion I'm not that very moody but  still I am. =__________________=
change my mind again not going to make youtube video of myself but something else =D
LOL. anyway dear will be back today I mean tonight so maybe he would see this update and like wth?! she is doing youtube videos wahahhaa.. LOL. just imagine only ;D
I haven't got SMS although from dear =P I think he won't SMS me anyway. he is wayyy too busy but anyway how I'm going to have my breakfast so

FEELING: lovely! and everything! and also in LOVE.

weeee....... sister say "Do not write so annoying stuff (which is lovey dovey stuff) on your blog lar" =.='' she follows my blog so every time she open her www.blogger.com she can see all the annoying stuff =P 
I would be opening another blog maybe haha!! but this is the offical one =D so you can keep reading =D don't worry =D but I will still continue the oh-so-annoying-stuff wahaha! I'm so bad right but I'm good to him. hehe. LOL. there's one picture he requested to take picture of but I show him first ;D he is quite shy XD ask him first. so it's just a random update from me =D 

Ohhh and I deleted meitu xiuxiu cos was lagging my laptop DX maybe going to download paintshop XD
I have no idea yet XDD I NEED to buy a new laptop sooner or later!! so I can like keep my personal stuff to myself rather then sharing it =.='' it's so annoying when you have to share the laptop =P and 

DON'T EVER TRUST YVONNE LOH VING QIE!!!! she break promises!!!!!! you CAN'T TELL HER SECRETS!!!!!! I REPEAT CAN'T!! 

by the way school is going to reopen like in 3 days shit.. =.=|| 
3 days to enjoy my day with him ='( I wish these 3 days he will online. so we can chat and I have loads of things to ask him. but see if I remember a not lar.. hee. kinda forgetful =] 
I am very grateful to have him as my ♥ cos he doesn't mind me forgetting stuff ;D 

I will not be online more often then usual cos I have to go to school sorry while I will continue blogging but not everyday but I will try to blog as much to keep u readers updated ;D and also him ♥ if he does see it. =]  

going for french fries and going to sleep to dream him ♥

3 months 3 weeks 4 days together ♥  

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