Monday, 4 January 2010


TODAY! 4th of Jan is the most stupid and unlucky day!
OK! let me tell you

In the morning~
I woke up later then my sister.
I choked while eating maggie laksa.

In school~
Have to work in pairs in maths. =.=|| hate it when teachers to that.
(nothing much in school quite boring lessons as usual)

Going back from school~
I thought dad was going to pick me up today but then he ended up with mum SHOPPING!
I walking until the stairs and then take a look in my phone then saw one message from my sister saying "dad is shopping with mum so walk back cya (: " ¬.¬
I have to walk back in the cold windy weather.
I FELL DOWN while there were BUSES along the road. while the bus has the so-called-gossipers in side =.=|| the road was too slippery cos there are ice like that thingy.

My feet hurts from FALLING down.
My little finger is still bengkak and itching =.=

but then tomorrow is Tech it will be better! and wish tomorrow I won't fall down =.=

BUT! wahaha.. I dream HIM ♥ aww.... miss him until I see him in my dream.. hehe.. 2 time now hehe.. I'm so crazy and I know that wahaha..  I wish the dream didn't end.. heehee.

3 months 4 weeks together ♥

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