Sunday, 17 January 2010


he is such a stalkers >_<
wanna know who?
A guy from facebook
He totally freak me out.
what he did?
ALLAHHH skip that lar.. don't wanna talk about it =#
ok so now PICTURES =D ahhhh.. simple edit. =D

ishh my nail is so ugly!
I think I buff them too much and it went like that

bent specs =.=
I got hit by the basketball

as you can see O.O
The two thingy which sits between you eyes. It's actually DIFFERENT
The other one broke so I have to replace it with another =.=

see my reflection on the television LOL.
Just random.

WOOHOO.. Finally got an idea for my banner =D
Fonts from =] heart from "photoscape" =]
Simple. =D
Being simple these days =]
That's what makes us cool AHAHHA.. joking
Did i got the sentence wrong?

I am so bored! and i'm also lazy =P
But good thing Kean Mun is online!
can chat with him but he chat a while then have to go =/
LOL. Kean Mun just can't keep up with my blog cos I blog too much
AHHAHA plus he is busy with LOADS of other STUFF
I am so free to blog and I'm not to do my homework LOL.
I just done half of one of my homework LOL.
I'm so lazy to think of the answers and the ideas moreover I have a week to hand it in

ohmygod~ this really makes me moody
I woke up late then he online like before I woke up. missed him..
weee.. never mind next time I wake up earlier then..
I woke up early he don't online. ishhh..
bugs me much =/
wee.. I have stopped wait too painfully
AHAHA how? by day dreaming.. LOL
I imagined like loads of stuff XD
Hmm.. this is actually a life journal by the way not that like a blog but still blog will do AHAHHAA..
Life is just boring without him online.
Weee... gonna make another blog later but it's gonna be private though =/

* Cam whores =] *
take 1.

take 2.

take 3.

take 4.

take 5.
A random one. XD

I have a round FACE
Sore throat is still sore.
Drinking LOADS of water now.
And and I ate the wrong medicine yesterday =.=
running nose instead of sore throat.. =.=||
I think Shirley would spend a lot of time reading my blog when she online. LOL.
I wonder when will she online. =/ I miss her =( LOL!
I'm waiting all day for him to online and he still appear OFFLINE
this sucks but ohh well..

Do you readers think I should put my pictures LEFT or MIDDLE?
cheers if you would give me a comment ;D

mind my grammar and vocab. They are not the best quality you want
I try to reread it so that it's right.
AHAHA. I am a blogger who reads her own blog LOL!
But just for grammar and vocab check only ;)

Byeee now..
Update maybe tomorrow..
I have got more cam whore pictures =D
It's going to appear in next blog!
Stay tuned! =]

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