Wednesday, 6 January 2010


ok! yesterday was snowing =D
then today continued snowing! YAY!
firstly went to school learn for 2 periods had break and lunch
while we were having lunch there was announcement saying NO SCHOOL!
YAY! but then I got hit on the head by a freaking hard snowball wertdefarkkkkk
I was walking pass a guy then suddenly throw a snowball by accident on me. He was aiming on the guy far on the other end but then FAIL and hit me =.=|| hurts but he said sorry so ohh well.
walk back weee... saw my friends [ not really know them but same class ] they were smoking.
doesn't surprise me for some reason
There are smokers in my school for some awkward reason
but I don't smoke =] I can't stand the smell of it and I hardly could breathe
maybe have to go to school =.=
LOL. I am like totally not liking to go to school
LOL. anyways what so ever
Hmmm... oh yah! I am so lazy to edit my picture LOL. XD
I will try to upload pictures on friday =]
byeee now. 

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