Saturday, 16 January 2010

『I wanna.I gotta.』

I want to grow taller =P

LOL! I have double I lid.

My other eye >V<

Got this as a late Christmas present =D

Phone holder ;D from sonia.
and also I got a pack of drawing pencils from maria XD

Hmm.. kinda boring.. urghh.. hate it.
I have got SORE THROAT. >______<
I drank LOADS of water this morning
and I went to the toilet so many times and it's just in the morning!
I have to drink more so that SORE THROAT will not be worse =P
Ahhh changed my title and my banner (= Simple though.
gonna change another few days later.. =D
Ohh yeahh.. wee.. dad got the landline internet =D hooray
Unlimited online (=  WOW.
Oh yeah!
=____= mind my layout kinda rubbish at the moment
I haven't got the right code for it =/
I couldn't FIND the right code =/
werrtt lerr.. I ONLINE today he didn't =.=
goshh.. he must be REAL busy. Tuition and all that stuff
and and also DYCKSON!
I'm like waiting for him to online and he take so long to online back to chat with me. =.=
some more he ask me to online! anyway.
ermm.. ok lost topic oh yah!
Dyckson is finally online! WOW! AHAHA
Drank "leong sui" made by my mum much abit better

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