Friday, 8 January 2010

『I realise』

Hmm.. I realise my blog is different when I view it in internet explorer cos I use google chrome.
You guys could maybe see the pointer on my blog but I can't cos I'm using google chrome.
Internet explorer kinda slow for my computer cos my idiot sisters won't delete the toolbars on internet explorer which makes the internet slow like hell so I'm using google chrome.=]

I was wondering of buying windows 7
LOL. wahaha.. maybe later when I buy my own laptop
LOL. kinda boring now
boring until I play games LOL.
Hmm nothing much to blog about XD

I clearly GIVE UP now =P
don't really want to type why
hehe. but type a bit lar cos waiting for idiot sister to come out from shower
oh yeah! why I GIVE UP.

I am so damn worried bout him but he is not even acting like he is worrying about me.
that's why I give up XP
I am less worrying bout him now cos we didn't speak with each other quite a long time as I say in the previous post. so I AM

I'm spamming my OWN blog
how out is that! =P

These days I am so damn LAZYYYYYY
lazy me =P I think he wouldn't like me to be so lazy =P
I'm beginning to joke here!!
Ohhh and I realize I totally sucks in being funny

this is just for expressing my feelings =]

Oh yeah! I'm writing crap here don't mind it yeah! =B
heeeheee. I'm going to edit my template AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN

I realise you are in my heart but not in my mind =P ;D

I will be back in my single life sooner or later
gonna flirt with guys =P cos someone flirts with girls
although he flirts but he doesn't EVEN realize it WAHAHAHA!!!
=P sameee lerrrr.. I flirt with guys and I didn't realise =PPP
heeeheee.. his face will be like this ¬.¬  if he sees it
I DON'T CARE.. anyway.
I like talking rubbish =P
just for my entertainment XDD
gonna byeee now so
blek~ this is to HIM.
you know who you are ;) although you don't read my blog I will still type it =P
oh yeah! before I forget [ I'm kinda forgetful ]
ah belle.

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