Monday, 18 January 2010


can't stop I'm real sorry
oh yeah! new blog still renovating with the layout. =L
Hmm what crap today
I'm gonna take photograpy if I can and also graphic design if there is for me to choose I'm maybe gonna take deploma I don't knoe yet =/
have to choose subjects from feb
I have a cold now T.T got it from john ahaaha.. joking but he has a cold too =L twins nyekk~ but I'm more of a twin to kean mun =L I sit the same as him he will know how i sit XD my twinee and I was same kindergarden as him and also the specs power is the same XD he wear contacts I wan his contacts nyek nyek =D steal it from him wakaaka.
he will slap me XD
I finally manage to make my blog almost same with this blog.
wahahah.. and I finally found the code for it! [The borders]
I haven't found out where she get her blog background.
I want! anyway I will find one day..
I have many years to go before I die anyway.
I'm just 14 =P
Ohh and I LOVE how she could make the words go multi colour when you hover over it
Nice trick ;D
Hmmm.. oh never mind I will tell them to view my other blog when they online la.
Kinda blank on there XD
Oh never mind I will add more pictures there XD
So yeah I have been eating AN APPLE A DAY =]
to make my sore throat and flu disappear

I chosen the nicest one I could get from the basket of apples ;D

I saw RAINBOW in my house XD
It's near the door so I decided to randomly take it
since I have my phone with me XD

Rubbish photography for the rainbow XD

Oh by the way what is the difference between COLD and FLU?? =/

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