Wednesday, 13 January 2010

『H U G』

Got a H U G from Tom
LOL. Friendship HUG! XD
I didn't knew he was going to do that.
It was kinda ermm.. shocking at first
was laughing at the moment
and he said try not to be too happy XD
ohh I think I stepped on him =/
Kinda nice. LOL better then the last one I got XD
HAHAHA!! laughing at myself.
Just random ah ha been not updating much rite
Oh yeah!
I DON'T WEAR SHORTS!! when I go out =P
You cannot see me in shorts anywhere except if you come to my house
HAHA which you wouldn't
I would ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS wear jeans when I go out
why I don't wear shorts?
cos I feel like I didn't wear pants or "cau gong."
kinda stupid answer but AHAHA
But I would maybe wear them when I'm older XD
Hmm.. oh yeah!
I was daydreaming if I came back to malaysia this year
where would be the best place to go jalan jalan with friends XD
Parkson?! Yeahh.. I think so. LOL.
Hmm.. If I could who would go?
When my dad buy the airplane tickets and give me permission to go jalan jalan with friends I only can think more far lar. I mean who to invite MUAHAHA WAKAKA
I won't miss Shirley ;D as she said before to invite her if I come back to malaysia or wan xin if she would come XD
Imagination ONLY 
I wish it was real =D
AHAHHA! and one more
I daydreamed about what would be john's reaction if I called him XD
I think he wouldn't know it's me LOL.
He would be like who are you? and stuff like that
Hmm.. come to think of it I would also call kean mun XD
AHAHAHA! say hello to him and collect my cake ;D
WHY WHY WHY I can't view Elaine's BLOG. =/
I have to ask her for permission. like on weekends
and I would have LANDLINE by that day which = UNLIMITED INTERNET!
Me and my sister were planing to ONLINE 24 hours
HAHAHA but that will never happen
and oh yeah gonna make my blog private sooner or later
MUAHAHA I'm so mean. LOL.

cam whore =D
Addicted ;D

CRAPS for today

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