Saturday, 9 January 2010


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DONE! nahhhh
this is so ugly >_____< I mean the bottom part =P
hope kean mun don't mind =]
he requested it ;D
Took not long to finish it x)))))
just laughing for nothing again XP

ohhhh yeahhh!
dad finally register for BT land line
LALA.. then can online more wakaka.. I am such a bad child XD

hmmm... oh yeah!
I have so less to blog these days..
nieeeee kinda boring without u know who
AHHHHH.. going kinda crazy but it doesn't matter anyway =]
I'm always crazy.
Hmm.. I wonder who are you guys out there who read my blog
I always wonder if he reads my blog LOL.
anyway anyway
There would be snow on MONDAY!
which means maybe NO school!

This is what makes me wanna kill myself

I should have slept earlier yesterday
but then I didn't cos I was reading a book =P
I woke up at 8 something and and he online at 8
so when I was on at 8 something he off ady!!

Just a random update that's why it's numbered #15
I have to less online now =P
less MSN less facebook less blogging
will not be chatting with him anymore
I have my ways he has his
till holidays we meet again I HOPE. =]

gonna change change change. =P
Oh yeah! before I go a picture for you guys =]

I know my face is so yong suii (don't know if it's right I FORGOT)
I'm not a fully grown CHINESE
if I write it will be the most ugly among among?! anyway among everyone!
I forgot if I have upload this picture before cos I FORGOT again =]

Ohhh I did a signature for my blog ▼

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