Saturday, 2 January 2010


finally I have finish my lovely blog layout.

3 column =] saw it in few blogs and decided to have a go on it and made it with help from wanxin =]
look ermm.. kinda messed up yeahh.. the colours right currently my colour combinations are all messed up =P
something else? tell me I'll try to change it =]

I haven't found a matching banner YET! if you readers think it matches tell me so that I don't need to find another one HAHA! ;D

today I have no HAPPY mood cos tomorrow I have to go to school so yeah. and also he is not online now to chat with me =________= hate it when it happens.

ohh yeahh one more thing I have manage to type proper english rite.. but just a few errors =] better then last time I have to admit it =D typing with more sense then usual HAHA!!

I have to cut my hair sooner or later cos it's too ugly =_____= I am not going to cut it SHORT cos I look horrible last time I cut my hair short (i think) but everyone say it looks nice. LOL. guess who is cutting my hair. It's my mum! =.=|| maybe I'm going to cut my hair ;)

It's so not fair! My sister yes. My sister, Yvonne, the annoying one. She don't need to go to school. =.= never mind she don't have school tomorrow but other schools also don't have! wartdefrakk rite. me and my other sister, Rebecca was so pissed off when we hear this. LOL.

My stupid little finger is BENGKAK!! SWOLLEN!! ishhh..
moreover on my right hand! ishh.. it's so pain lar! write I also don't know weather can anot cos haven't try. HAHA. haiz. but I can type lar.. hees=]

No more MSN now I mean not everyday MSN now haha!
Facebook I everyday can go cos I can go when I am in school using my phone HAHA!
hmm.. have to charge my phone too..
No message from him =( but my inbox is still full with his messages cos I didn't delete it HAHA! I keep it as memory ♥ I mean the special messages I didn't delete. It's special ♥

less edit pictures. but I will continue few days later =] if I have time =D LOL.
still wanna make my blog template nicer =D HAHA! so crazy.
ohh yeahh.. less cam-whore =] but there would be more cam-whore on next summer holiday ♥
looking forward on spring half term holiday! a week OFF!

My new template took quite long to finish eh? but it's worth it =D what you all think? comment yeah! =]

I have been changing lots of stuff in this update. sorry yeahh =] LOL.

p/s: next update would be ermm on tuesday. or friday. =]
wait yeahh =D

I was going to make this as banner LOL!


I'm now waiting for so many stuff
I'm waiting for him ♥
I'm waiting for his birthday ♥
I ♥ my blog
I don't wanna leave IT alone =/
It's a secret between you! me and him now.
yup secret. shouldn't tell anyone that we are together plus no more annoying stuff wahaha.. but if that's gone. I have nothing to write but oh well I will continue blogging but not facebook-ing bout him anyway
IrfanView 4.25  new photoeditor [ well it is to me ] I saw I was wondering to download this cos it doesn't take much space as photoshop. photoshop not paintshop just made a little bit of mistake
nehh.. I will like ermm.. download it when I have my own sweet laptop ♥
In the moment just photoscape will do cos erm.. slow laptop too much stuff and pictures =D camwhore, holidays, memories, stuff, GAHHH! loads.

Hmm.. maybe gonna get a layout with navigations. lets see lar.. LOL or maybe the old one LOL. can't make up my mind now ishh.. haihhh...

4th January don't come so fast! I don't want to see bitches in my school DX I don't wanna feel always left out DX yeah. I'm always left out in school =/ I don't wanna GO! ishhh.. crying like a baby oni >____<

ohh well =P I have 1 more day to spend with him. so this 1 day I want it to be special but haihh... he busy wert.. but lets see larr.. if he onlines a not HAHA!! I have no idea. wahaha. ermm.. I am addicted to my PHONE! I will use more when I go to school and it's the only way I can check facebook in school wahaha. naughty me XD by the way I'm also totally addicted to FACEBOOK! and also school's computer cos there are like different stuff there plus I can get on with search stuff for my blog or my pictures =D
being long winded again but I wish you guys don't get boring with it HAHA!!

nothing much today so ermm.. yup end here update tomorrow

ohh and I saw this COOL picture in someone's blog
HAHA! =P curi punya tak ape kerana dia tak tahu.
LOL but I don't play cards or mahjong ;D

and oh yeahh! I'm trying to not blog so much wahaha.. but I guess I just can't stop. =D blogging is my life =D

3 months 3 weeks 5 days together ♥

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