Saturday, 30 January 2010

『#13 逆风18.』

I LOVE this movie although it's my second time watching it XD
It's call "under the canopy of love" or "天幕下的戀人"

I LOVE this song =D
It's called "活到一百岁"
for it TOO!
sang by RYNN LIM 林宇中

Haven't seen it yet I have seen Trailer oni >____< 
I have no Astro here so can't see have to see in youtube.
I will watch later but I don't know when.
I still have to do my cross stich  T_T haven't finish I have LOADS to do

A story told in MYFM. Episode 1 only.
Not a movie ;D
so scary and so gan dung. eiiyerrrr.. 

I like LOVE stories.


Do not EVER take a picture like that ▼
If you are wearing specs/glasses

PLEASE to GUYS! push it up like THIS ▼
or like this. ▼ Both will do =) 

HATE it when they push down their specs and take pictures and then upload it.
Hmm.. why?
AHH cos they look like AH GONG (old man)!
SERIOUSLY get pissed off every time I see a guy who cam whores like THIS. 
Just giving advice here lalala. 
by the way no offence to ALL smi guys 
sam tet guys are FITTER then smi guys XP
It's true. in my view. AHAHA.

Love 18.
AHHHHH So addicted to this show now >____<
Anybody can give me the link for youtube please ?? 
I want to watch on youtube >___< 
currently watching here.
watching also Hi my sweetheart so NICE!

anyway BYEEE.

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