Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Monday =]

Daddy and mummy bought "yok gon" ^^V
from Chinese shop while I was in school.
I ate the most.
I miss too much of it.
It's been nearly a year I didn't eat >__<

I don't know how to spell =P

WOW! This longest I got in the whole packet x)

Ahhh and went to TESCO to buy ingredients
for COOKING sausage rolls!
YUMMY! I just have to wait and make then on FOOD!

Boots I bought like last year DECEMBER. since I got my shoes on I decided to take pictures x)

Kinda TALL heels x)
Kinda difficult to walk at the first time =]
Now I got used to it =D
I will post more next time so stay tuned ;D

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