Thursday, 7 January 2010


New bag! New shoe LOL.
Cam-whore in school toilet AGAIN. LOL.

New Bag!


NEW SHOES! =] shiny..

OK! Today there is snow again! WOOOHOOO! I love snow! LOL. weee... I skip french and german and learning-T and and also PE!! YEAHH!! ok let u see the snow pictures!





These are real photos. =]

Lastly a perfect picture I took in the school toilet. ;D

LOL.update today cos kinda boring LOL. not really I feel like blogging since I saw someone's blog :P
So here are my favorite shows at the moment =] It's chinese shows by the way
Beyond the realm of conscience.

Off pedder.

I still watch Chinese shows although I'm in UK =P

Made by my mum today =] yummy!

made snowman today!
LOL you see the specs on the snowman rite it's mine XD



between him and I. I don't know what to do bout it.
I have no will to talk with you anymore.
you want to keep it a secret but I really can't I don't know why.
but then for you I will try.
I will try not to say so much bout us from now on.
I will continue to keep you as unknown.
On Facebook OK! I will remain single as my status says I'm not gonna say i love u or anything on Facebook anymore.
You will not I WILL NOT!
If you want to find me find me then but I will not find you.
why why why why why why why why why must I love YOU!
I take this road because of YOU so if you let go I will seriously slap you on the face if I could =] joking.
Of cos I won't =] I'm cool cooler then you! XP
You will say sorry I will forgive. If you say nothing I will forgive nothing =P
But then now.. I feel like somethings gone something left out and that's you
It's been like a month I didn't talk to you but it's only for 5 days.
haihh.. anyway this is the last update or maybe almost last update about him.
I maybe will have one more last post =]
ah belle.

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