Thursday, 30 December 2010

¦ New hair cut ¦

I got a new haircut .
first haircut in england ><~ So expensive . £21
b e f o r e and a f t e r
Seems like I didn't cut much in length . Opps . The hairdresser asked me if I want shorter but I said no -.- kinda regret but never mind . 
but my hair feels more light . More layers! 
Sorry my after picture looks alike " lan yau yeng " >< 
Tied up . 
Actually I want to use this picture to scare my biee . 
He doesn't really like me having short hair but he say to me cutiee arhh ~ 
Paiseh ==ll Let him zha dou~ 
He thinks this hairstyle is cute ><~ 
Actually it's the first time I heard him call me cute . Lol . 
Hmm . I think it's a good thing ? xD

Saturday, 25 December 2010

¦ Merry Christmas ¦

Merry Christmas to everyone ! x) 

My Christmas Eve, I slept for half a day >.< I woke up 1 in the afternoon . aiks . Still sick -.- cough . running nose . Now biee sick jor ): He , more worse then me . aiks . Yesterday he went to party but didn't tell me :/ let me worry for nothing . always like that = =

Christmas Eve I still need to work . Hohoho :/ 
After work, Steamboat with aunty and uncles . 
Macam half dead that time . XD 
Anyway at least had fun narr . 

Christmas day today . I just stayed at home . 
Woke up 12 in the afternoon . 
I skype a while with william and then ate my breakfast . After breakfast just continue online xD
Hmm . Boring Christmas . 

Too bad . It wasn't white Christmas this year . Let's wait next year ❤


lastly ,
Thanks for the 101 followers !
Sorry ! cbox's comments will be replied as soon as possible ! ><

Sunday, 19 December 2010

¦ Cbox & Requests ¦

Firstly want to say big sorry cos I late reply everyone ! >< 
I have new account in facebook . Add me there bah . (: hehes . 
My holidays are here ! I am free so I will update my real real DEAD blog ! hehe . 

Christmas is coming so I will have free time. 
any ideas for cbox backgrounds ? 
any request for blog editing ?
just leave a message below this post ^^
please say what colour you would like for the background 
(you can have a picture or pattern as the background) 
and the border (if you do not want any borders just tell me) 
if you like any pictures you want to put on the cbox background, send it to me on facebook.

Please add my new facebook 'Krystal Belle

please include your email for facebook so I can contact you.

if you want me to add the code to your cbox just give me your cbox's code .
if you want me to edit ur blog you will have to give me ur email and password by facebook inbox .

Any Kim Hyun Joong fans ? xD here is a cute cbox background for you .
click this link to get the code ;)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

¦ Snow ¦

snow day ! :D 
sorry if it's a bit late >< I was busy. again. 
Pictures describe everything. There were not much school so there wasn't a day off for school :/ too bad huh . 
this is aaron :) my good friend in school. I know my face looks red in these pictures cos I was too cold that day, while his face is always red. Haha. I don't know why. My new friend. Hees :) Some people say he looks cute. lol. I think it's a good thing for him.

this is such a short update. I will update more sooner or later. 

Saturday, 4 December 2010

¦ New cameraa ❤ ¦

seems like long time no update . lol . 
I was busy >< too much homework . paiseh :/
Someone says ,  
when you look into her eyes and if you see yourself ,  
that means she love you with her true heart sincerely.  
so can you see yourself in my eyes biee ? ❤

Samsung PL150 ❤
12.4 megapixel .
front screen . 
face detection ;) 
woohoo . loving this camera .
my parents bought this for my christmas present P: 
but I have to pay £50 -.- aiks . money bye bye~ 
 few snap shots I have taken . all me . xD self loving :/
yesssss ! new headphones :)
the new headphones really block many sounds from outside :/ 
my sister bought the new ipod == 
it's the same with the old one but they have front and back camera >.<
heeeees . short update >.< 
bye bye

Monday, 22 November 2010

¦ Editing ¦

edited :)

original one x) 
first time I use lens to edit the eye >.< 
isit real ? lol . 
I photoshop-ed it and change the colours :P
this is my bro . cosplaying x) HAHA . 
I have been editing a few photos for him .

He always tried to cheer me up when I am sad . 
give me advice when I need them . 
he can be very " cheong hei " but he is just being kind . lol . 
meet him for about 4 months already :) 
actually we studied in the same primary school but I forgot o_o 
until now . I don't remember him x) 
I am forgetful :)
We skype alot . HAHA . 
We became friends then to really close friends then to siblings . x)
We have funny times , wrong times and plenty more times .
I am glad to know him ❤

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

¦ Link Up ! ¦

Hmmm . I am gonna make small icons for some of my linkies 
Hopefully >.< or maybe not .____. 
erm anyway 
 leave ur link here! if I haven't link you up at my sidebar
so you can see with just a few links .____. 
I changed my template as you all can see :) 
the code messed up -_____________________- 
so my link list was all GONE ! D: 
so yeahh I am linking everyone up again (: 

thank you for your cooperation ❤

Sunday, 7 November 2010

¦ Complete? ¦

My hair T__T so facking ugly . -.-
I am gonna get a haircut soon
thinking back of my memories with him >< 
I thought for awhile .
well I am glad that I say yes on 070909 . if not . I won't be with you .
although at the moment we don't chat much but I still love you .
I love the way you are ;) hehe .

actually many things changed .


I feel you are different . I told you . HAHA . and you actually ask me where you changed . but I cannot tell you cos I actually don't know how to .

actually . should I let go of him ?
I don't seem to get the point of having a long distance relationship
sometimes I feel I am wasting your time or am I just thinking too much ?
I don't know .
I just want a simple and nice life to live in .
I don't want anything complicated although sometimes I like challenges .
actually I should just leave it to the time .
too much stuff are going on these days .
sometimes I feel " 花心 " >< but I am just socializing . I am not flirting .
Boys are so URGH stupid sometimes ==
I think I tend to " bui chor ching " -.-
I don't love them but they think I love them :/
I have boyfriend and all this shitty boys are coming to me and say I love you
I guess love cannot be stopped by anything . lol .
I have no answer to them cos I think they are sure the answer is NO
HAHA . Hope they understand my feelings .
I don't want to one leg two ships =__________________=
I love the only one . my biee ❤

when I SMILE I feel good
when you SMILE I feel much better :D

I have grown up & changed but I am still the same Krystal
and always will be the same Krystal

first time put my feelings to public cos I have nothing to update
hope everyone don't mind me .

Sorry for late replying all comments ><
I was busy . I have school .
All day facebook which makes no time for blogger . HAHA .
Chatting with quite a few guys hope biee don't misunderstand ><
Almost every night skype with my god brother :)
he makes me smile and laugh so much :')  AHHH . gotta love him .

I am waiting for holidays to come now . Christmas ❤ Snow ❤ Holiday ❤
Maybe will change my layout soon :)
[ END ]

¦ Town ¦

6 . 11 . 2010
outing :) 
went out to shop for christmas presents for friends ^^~ 
finally bought everything. hehe. 
my mum asked me to try this on. 
actually I didn't want to edit my picture until like this 
but the collar is like very low so I have to edit like this xD 
I think I too protective gua :p
actually this shirt looks very nice but I don't really like >.<
stripy shirt! my favourite :3 
the waist there makes me look fat -.- so I didn't buy this shirt >.<
HAHAHA . I feel like I just wear it to take pictures jek . lol . 
everytime I go out I just take pictures in the changing room 
and then din buy the clothes also . lol . >< 
I saw these headphones ! I will get them ! :3 
they are like the mix styled headphones but this one don't have star ><
ohh well . better then don't have . 
moreover purple is my favourite colour ! :)
hope they don't sell out >.< 
white or black ?
black or white ?
which looks better ? 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

¦ Babysitting ¦

24 . 10 . 10
babysitting for auntie x) 
saw a cute cute doggie >< but not real geh . HAHA . take pictures~ lala~ 

take some shadow pictures too ! x)
sorry late post >.< I was editing the photos ;P