Saturday, 12 December 2009

You wanna play ?

If you wanna play. OK I play with you but the one which is losing is not ME!!!
but maybe will be me cos my heart is too kind as some people say.. *perasaan case*

Ohh I just renewed a blogskin =)
original - HERE.

Mine now is black and white and purple.. =)
I can't get the photo BIG enough to fit the blog just nice.. so I just leave it small lar..


Working on kean mun's absolutely very high expectation anime picture.. x) joking la not hard la..
A guy like himself.. =.='' small eyes XD  joking..
with scarf coverin mouth and nose
Jacket like open streches down to the thigh
gun holding 45. degree bent.. like this XD
WOW!! LOL maybe can draw lar me =)

I saw this on the toilet door XD
'L 4 J all the way!'
Rhymes you know..

The SCAR on my hand >.<
I got it from Winter Sports Day, Friday
Play HOCKEY.. T.T Didn't even win any match.. wth..

My thumb also bruised from hockey on Thursday, P.E 
Now black already.. =.=''
Josh hit it with the hockey stick.
We were playing team vs team
OMG~ and leon got hit with the stick too same place, thumb and there were BLOOD
But my one don't have lar..

In the school toilet.. XD
On Friday, NON-UNIFORM day..
Have to pay £1.00 $.$ money fly to charity
Edit with meitu

LOL. Today my mum just got a phone call from ANN AUNTY!!!! [Edward's mum] Yes!!!!
Ann aunty and Iris and Edward or someone else is MAYBE coming to MY HOUSE !!!
WOW!! So happy!! XD They are in London now..
wahaha.. I think someone is jealous....

I wore makeup but only eyeliner only..
Any difference?
take with the phone and it matches with my outfit!

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