Friday, 25 December 2009


Steamboat DINNER.

final look for DINNER.
I just have to wear a coat, scarf and a pair of gloves then I can go OUT.
Outside is very COLD..

Without specs de. Fat jor hor. Why? cos holiday I eat eat eat until fat lorr..
I'm wearing NEW belt lehhh!! LOL. *perasaan pulak*
then my sisters and me went to the uncle's house
walk..walk..walk.. in the COLD.

Hehe~ start to EAT!


Hehe~ whole family~

Me - Gupo - My sister

Two girls are taking photos at the back~ by a gor gor.
Boy from the right is Byron cute right XD
Then the blue shirt de boy is Kevin and the girl with specs is Michelle

From the left is Geeg Pang
and then it's Jessica

Geeg looking at Jessica's camera
I wan Jessica's camera !!

Hehe~ Geeg taking picture of Jessica

last of my food is PRAWN =.=''
So kenyang somemore have to eat the prawn..
And I have COKE~

This sister don't know how to hold the camera lar!
Blur punya~ apa lar~

Hehe~ I took with my phone so not very nice but is NOT blur~
Cos arhh I hebat WAHAHA!! *perasaan case lagi* =.=''

It was about 12.00 midnight SOMETHING when we walked home in freezing cold weather and my parents were taking their time to walk =.='' ishh..
I ran =D to keep warm not to look like a total idiot by the way.

My Christmas presents for 2009 =D
actual photo taken by me =D

2 card =D
Left is from Lucy
Right is from daddy's fren =D

hehe~~ going to open and see wat's inside

chocolate from teachers in school.

Chocolate from Helen =D

Stuff from Ellie
clip, nail polish, mask, lotion, shampoo stuff like that.

here if you can't see due to the picture too small there are
black bag
pink wrist band
2 earing




shampoo stuff.


Kind of nice presents

SORRY arhh!!! I have no CREDIT so cannot reply ur SMS!!
The shops didn't open today or tomorrow so cannot top up and can't reply ur SMS!!
later I use my mum or dad's phone lar.. haihh..
Yerrr.. how unlucky of me now only no CREDIT

bye bye readers~ by the way enjoy your CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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