Friday, 18 December 2009


SNOW!! hehe..

took a snap shot while walking back with elder sister..

foot steps in the snow x)

snapshots I took in the car.
see the papan also covered with snow
and also the trees..

just a snapshot when I was in the car before I went to school

everything is covered in snow XD


The car was stuck in the snow =.='' I have to walk a few meters to school [ was near the school when the car stuck in the snow ] Shoe covered in snow =.=''
One thing more funny I fell down on the walking paths too slippery x) covered in snow also.. =.=''
Played snow ball fight with elder while childish sister. LOL.
Feet still cold.. LOL.. wearing socks somemore.. XD
stupid human dun reply me =.=''

camwhore while wearing my new coat
my mum bought for me as Christmas present =D

The rubbish calender.. =.=''
my stupid sister always get the nice calender..
maybe going to get new layout cos It's holiday for me
and boring for me =D
I love to be boring.. makes me very happy

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