Sunday, 20 December 2009


This is Shirley Khoo Suet Yee/Kinjo. A girl ;D The second girl I write/blog in my blog =D She requested it XD So, I call her of cos Shirley. I met her in SK convent when I was standard 4. I wasn't that very FRIEND with her in school cos we were in different class. Then I added her is friendster and then MSN. We started to chat in msn. We were both very friendly of cos lar.. XD It was quite awkward to talk in school but we talk so much in the internet XD She is same age as me BUT I'm older then her [ few months only ] XD
LOL. apparently we have the same FAVOURITE colour which is PURPLE
She is totally different in what I thought in school In the internet she is very very NICE. LOL. but in school she didn't talk to me larr.. cos I didn't talk to her wertt.. LOL. talking rubbish. anywayss
She is the one which I can trust =D
She is the one which gives me advice when I'm in difficulty XD
She is the one for some reason GENG! LOL she knows that I'm crazier then her XD
She is the one which could bright up my day also..
A very cheerful girl NICE too. x) hmm.. soo.. I still keep in touch with her ;D LOLS.
lastly I want to say is thankss for being in my life too. =D
Ohhh.. I love you XD and I know you also love me XD

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