Sunday, 13 December 2009


Camwhore AGAIN =P yesterday =]

Nothing much to update accept that my sister's friend [apple] say I don't look like her!!! LOL [my elder sister]

I'm just waiting here for nothing I should offline but I didn't
I want to wait for HIM to online and tell him something but he didn't online !!! ishh..

I don't know why all I blog is always HIM
Ohh but today I got chat with my very GOOD friend Winne [ NG WIN NE ]
very funny.. very 8 as always XD joking only.. joking...
chat chat chat
WOW!! I get to chat non-stop again!! yeapy!! LOL

I won't change my layout for quite long.. =]
Arghhh!!! GOD~ He will just never leave me alone.. 
WHY?? WHY oh WHY ??
anyway never mind that.. 
Oh so hard to find a good blogskin.. ONE question.. Should I put it as Black or white Background ?? comment pleaseeee.. and oh my god.. my sister!! go away when I use the computer/laptop!! Don't kacau me !!! god~ she always take me to trouble GAWDDD~~~~

Monkeyssss... tralalla... lol
Camwhoreee... yesterday cos I was happy LOL..

Camwhore in the bathroom XD
Will NOT be uploading pictures to my FACEBOOK.. cos people say I'm obsessed with myself so after CHRISTMAS I would upload pictures to FACEBOOK.. tata.. FACEBOOK uploader..

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