Saturday, 19 December 2009


This is Lee Kean Mun/Kean Mun/KM. Since I'm now bored and nothing to do so I start to blog/write about HIM. Yes he is a GUY.Ohh and also the first guy I'm writing/blogging about.. HAHA! anyways.. He is from my kindergarten =D means childhood friend =] + the first guy who made my aunties say he is ur boyfriend arhh? when I was in kindergarten XD LOL
OHHHH~~ and he is a halfer SINGAPOREAN+MALAYSIAN same age as me =]
Had braces but then now he doesn't have =D he was refusing to wear retainers but then I told him to wear them LOL. Good 4 him you know.
Anyways, it was quite long since I get to talk/chat to him again. and I was the one who added/find him on FACEBOOK! LOL. It was a long long time.. err.. 5 years I didn't seen him in REAL LIFE. But then we still can't meet each other cos he's in malaysia/singapore and I'm in UK.
He is now still my FRIEND =] a very good FRIEND. hehe..
The one that has almost everything in common with me XD but we do not always have TIE when we play rock.paper,scissors.[ he always wins me ] things like the eye power SAME~ @.@ Likes anime/manga me too. Eat a lot but won't fat samee~ sit almost the same pose as me [ i know from webcaming with him ] LOL others I forgot.
The one person would not sleep and webcam with me till midnight cos we were both bored LOL.
The person which cheer up my day although he didn't know XD
The one person which I could predict that he would ONLINE on msn when I need him.
The one person which copies me ?!
The one person I know which is exactly one week older then me x)
He is pieces I'm aries ;D
so that's I think all about him.
hehe.. lastly thanks for being in my life kean mun =D

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