Tuesday, 22 December 2009


I woke up 4 in the MORNING TODAY!!! LOL.
but then I sleep back lar.. until 7 sumthing in the morning and of cos ON the laptop and then go ONLINE lar.

ohhh yesterday I went to Halstead and when shopping !!
firstly we went to have breakfast yummy..
then we walk about the town and SHOP!
bought. 2 BELT! since I don't have belts..
Then we went to visit dad's friend
Then we went to buy MCDonald's LOL. same old Filet-O-Fish, Fries, Orange Juice
Dad,Mum,Sis went to buy indian food =]
Went home had dinner then shower then watch TV and then I went to sleep ZZZzzz

So... lets talk about today again
Me & HIM okayy adyy I think.
ohh and I'm not going to change blog template =]


Kinda Hyper today
why ?
cos ermm.. HAPPY wert me
talking rubbish again =.=''
I actually now realise that I talk a lot of rubbish in my blog
how I know ?
I update rubbish posts and I spend a few days deleting the rubbish posts.
ohh as you can see my posts have no title wan cos I change the code for it =]
ohh and I realise last time almost ALL my post don't have any pictures looks so BORING.
that was one of the reason I delete them too.
and the other reason is cause they are bad memories not very good at all =[
ohh and I just spend an hour or more to arrange my pictures some DELETE cos they are too UGLY camwhore. others I keep =D to edit next time or as "kei lim bun" I still haven't delete my first camwhore XD


so rubbish right compare to new one. XD

LOLS. anyways
nothing much to post except
I have changed !! ;DD
from idiot to camwhore addicted
from bad editor to good editor
all thanks to wanxin ;DD
and also to good editor I use that was John's credit who told me =]
and also to jia mun that also told me which editor she use which is meitu xiu xiu
(I think she want to compare with my pictures cos she is downloading LOADS of photo editor program which make her computer slow.. no offense =]) advise to u delete the photo editor program which u don't use makes the computer go faster by the way ;DD
I use only 2 meitu xiu xiu and photoscape =] I deleted the picasa cos it made my laptop SLOW like HELL..
moreover I don't use picasa a lot I just use it for collage =P
If you are very addicted to making collage PICASA is the program for you. =D
photoscape also good geh but does not have what PICASA do to the collage

so as you can see I'm photoediting addicted
by the way
I'm going to be a photographer if I can =D

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