Saturday, 26 December 2009


I shouldn't update my blog but since it's holiday I have nothing much better to go so I update lar
hees=] John is copying me.... LOL. never mind that
I'm starting to type proper English XD
so HA! I know English.
I know English, Malay, Cantonese, Hakka WOOOHOOO..
This post would be quite boring without pictures you see.
so adding emotions to it so It won't get boring like a piece of paper with black writing on it
Camwhore  I didn't did it for quite long LOL. was just joking anyway
I did camwhore lar.. but haven't post it out yet
I don't have face at all to be honest. my  is so so so very ugly 
wakaka.. that day I was talking to John about cooking then I ask him "you know how to cook what?" then he say "I know how to cook ppl oni" =.=''
I cook him lar Wakaka..
Watching Yes Sir!高校鐵金剛 again XDD Episode 5 already!
I'm going to erm.. watch rest of Episode 5 tomorrow lar. watch part 1 only
I cry lehh while watching Yes Sir!高校鐵金剛 so emotional of me LOL. So sad lehh that time.
LOL. I watch so long also dunno who is who I know only Tie Jin Gang is Rynn Lim, Ah Kai is Danny, Ice is the guy he leave in Episode 4,xiao xi is the girl between the xioa dong and ah zhe. I the girl teacher's name is Ti jin but I think is xiao lau xie the student call her . HAHA...

so SHINY...
My mum bought it from charity shop for me.
so shiny... LOL.
Dear Is so damn urgh. FINE. nothing bout him.
getting sicker and sicker. I have a COLD. cos the weather is cold and I think I didn't wear enough clothes. =.='' silly of me. Neck pain also cos too cold and I curl up like a worm only.
Yesterday I sent him the sms I should send ages ago by using my dad's phone cos I don't have credit already in my phone while the shops are closed yesterday and today. anyway la.. Sunday going to top up my phone. So sunday only SMS him again. He must be very annoyed by me. He was waiting and I lastly say I cannot SMS him cos no credit. HAIHHH I also 'mou dek gan ga mahh' Sorry lerr
海派甜心. Hi my Sweetheart Shirley ask me to watch wor. LOL. after Yes Sir!高校鐵金剛 hehe.
readers now..

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