Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas =D


LOL. What I get for Christmas? I don't know yet cos I haven't open it XDDD
After Christmas I will share with you readers what I get for Christmas =D
wait for me yeahh..
Tomorrow not updating blog so HAHA! have to wait larr =D

and once again messed up
I misunderstand him again... =.=||
he say his computer sot plak adyyy so yes.. I have to admit I misunderstand him once again
=.=|| *speechless*

Stupid shower sometimes hot like HELL sometimes cold like COLD WATER =.='' that was rubbish
Before I went to shower that time I took my phone with me to the bathroom why?
cos I was waiting for SMS from my dear cos I SMS him earlier to wish him Merry Christmas!!
Wakaka.. and he SMS me when I was half showering XD I had to stop and get the phonee x) It was ringing and won't stop cos It's a song so I had to dry my hands and of cos see the SMS lar before continue shower XDDD that was funny lehh I was laughing too XDDD I'm weird riteee and I know it XDDDD

Daddy's friend offer us to go to there restaurant to STEAMBOAT
Lala~~ I can see the pretty jie jie, she is call Jessica and also Byron, Jessica's brother, cute little boy >.< and also Kevin a boy from Malaysia younger then me 2 years!! and also uncle, aunty, and gor gor and jie jie but I haven't go lar so I don't know yet who they are. HEHE~~

Things would be posted in the next post is
:: Pictures taken when I was in steamboat!! MAYBE lar

anywayss wait for me yeahh readers

To SHIRLEY: You better online tomorrow arhh!! I have no one to chat with tomorrow accept you!! my dear and sister is not ONLINE tomorrow DX they are going somewhere else for Christmas so please please please please please please please please ONLINE!!!

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