Tuesday, 8 December 2009


ishhh fine then if u don't even reply my comments in FACEBOOK
What the hell happen to you??
I thought you would comment but NO you just wouldn't take the will to even post any comments in my FACEBOOK..
GOD I think you don't even care for me anymore
This just makes me hate you.. -__-
how can you just ignore me for days in facebook.. it's NOT FAIR!!!!
I should be the one doing that but then I fail =.='' but then I did stop ignoring you..
You just hurt me but I'm sure you don't know that ..
I know you did online on your FACEBOOK just that you don't comment on mine... =.=''
I felt like a sharp knife stab in my heart for a second..
Maybe you are just jealous bout something I don't know..
I tell you readers he is seriously ignoring me but I have nothing to do here but blogging.. and tell you readers
since he won't ever ever comment on my cbox so I will take that he didn't even seen what I blog here
IF YOU ARE HAPPY just keep ignoring me IF YOU FEEL SORRY stop ignoring me..
oh my godd...
But if you want to continue this I'm not going to.. why? because its not fair and also its not good..to be honest
It is just hurting me and I think you too if you read this
I'm not being mean but I can keep it to myself I'm not like you.. I have to say it put I have to write it out.. I'm not you.. I'm different if you don't like me just say please stop ignoring me.. I would really sat thank you if you tell what's wrong did I do anything wrong or are you jealous about something I don't know
Just tell me... I won't hurt you.. or scold you ar watever you are worried about..

ohh and I cried yesterday night if you are happy to read this!! I feel so let down by you..I couldn't risist

ohh yeahh.. sorry I haven't been blogging for a while.. I need to delete some unwanted post in my blog which takes my internet time. =]

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