Saturday, 5 December 2009


Woop Woop
I got the laptop back
But I will less update cos internet connection sudah putus =.=''

My blog dieing already.. as Kinjo tell me ..
so I'm here blogginggggg  =D

  • coat 
  • makeup for Maria's Christmas present 
I got mascara from my MUM!!
=D almost every week I go shopping xD
tomorrow also have to go buy Helen's Christmas present.. 
almost bankrupt ==''

WOW!! chat with Edward.. he became more updated.. xD

Nothing to blog..I think I'm lazy xD
Addicted to facebook 
Addicted to webcam xD

New movie.. very funny xD
wish u readers enjoy watching it too but it takes quite a long time to load =.=''
CHINESE movie.. ;D
Links for it


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