Saturday, 19 December 2009



Knew her from school when I was standard 4 i think. 
I give her my winx club stickers which I didn't want last time. XD 
wish you are always happy.
wish you get straight A's
wish you all the best.
you are always a friend of mine..


I kinda like again & again by 2pm XD
just a song =]
oh my gad I'm seeing stuff like
The tabs on the bars wasn't blinking but then I thought they were =.=''
yerrrr.. I'm getting crazier each day without him.

Sometimes it's kinda weird to find urself in google images... XD
ohh ohh should I open back my twitter account ???
oh and what's p/s. ??

btw follow my TWITTER =D

I was too bored so I manicured my nails.. hehe..
Kinda proud of it too..

Camwhore with my pretty nails.. LOL *perasaan case*
Nice or Not?? LOL. took like 30 minutes to finish everything
kinda ugly cos It's just my second time to manicure my nails..

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