Tuesday, 29 December 2009


A present for Chritsmas =D
Have to share lar the chocolates XD

heee. the flavours =D

Different sizes =D

In my colour combination =D
I'm so colour coordinated XD *perassan lagi*

NOOOO one more unlucky thing is Valentine is 14thFeb and CNY is 15thFeb
WTH~ never mind never mind 14th is SUNDAY! while 15th is MONDAY so maybe it's alright then..
LOL just worry for nothing. The same old me.


NO MOOD today.
why? cos every things not right..
Homework yeahh I will do it cos I just have one..
after blogging and farmville and 高校鐵金剛 okay... 
farmville SKIP lar.. tomorrow oni lar..

heee.. maggie laksa+egg
I make one!

When I'm angry I will eat XP The more I angry the faster I get fat. HAHAHAHA!!
42 kg already =_____=  LOL diet? nehh... 55kg oni lar.. ahahahhaha!!
My smarty cap on know.. cos I offed it quite a long time so it's now to on it back.. LOL..
before I go I wanna talk about yesterday. but pictures no edit cos I'm too lazy to do so much thing..

before going out =D cam whored

In the car =D went to braintree had Burger King!and shopping and got a SMS! then back home!

at home =D cam whored before we went to tesco!

Me promoting my bag! LOL

got it about a year already.
present from my uncle and aunt =D

new school bag did I mention
and new school shoes but I didn't take a picture of my new school shoes HAHAHA!!
I don't know why..

I have to wash my school trainers because they are all muddy from Autumn TERM haihh..
ohh did I mention I hurt my feet cos I bang it on the door. =.='' that was so damn STUPID.. now it hurts haihh.. my toes hurts.. =[ not a very good idea to do..


heeee. hmmm... what about today..
ohh yeahh.. I bet my dear also forgot 7th September 2009 is a what day.
heee. That's the day he ask me sure anot? sure anot? heee.
I never forget it but I bet he forget jor lor heeee. never mind..


promoting my bag LOL!!

heee =D

somebody asked me "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
I answered "photographer"
heee =D just random

my dear is not online today =(
check my phone no message.
check my facebook no comment
check my msn list offline.

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