Monday, 28 December 2009


eiii.. I'm so jealous of couples
they get to hug and take pictures together and .. u know what..
but I'm alright with him. =]
another thing is errr.. I don't know..
I forget jor..
oh yeah! LOL I hear some of you readers must be saying me so yuk mah when you read my blog!
hees=] I'm like that dun like dun see lor.. wahaha..
Bored today without him.
we chat for awhile then he had to off so heee. BORING
going to braintree and going to take pictures of cos!! tomorrow let you see!!
heeee kinda hyper. why? cos I'm blogging that's why.
I'm almost jealous of everything.. =.='' nvm that
ohh well byee now
going to SMS my dear later wen I'm in the car boring out of me ;DD

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