Thursday, 24 December 2009


Long time I didn't update my blog ehh? Why? cos I was making myself busy yesterday

I took 3 HOURS to tidy up my paper & folder stuff and I haven't even finish tidying up everything
and also I went to town yesterday so I didn't online
and also my mum was scolding me "why you use so long in the internet? Don't use so long larr.." so now I have to less online

Two reason I don't always online.
#1 BUSY.
#2 My mum scold/nag me

So.. now I sleep early (which I don't always do) and wake up early in the morning
and guess what I woke up 3 in the MORNING I broke my own record XD
but then I woke up 3 in the morning but then I went back to sleep until 7

Ohh and I'm reading a book (YES I read books) It's of cos not boring books lar..
It's call "Things I Know About Love" Awww~~ how sweet but it's so funny!! If you readers like to read love stories it's a book for you and guess how much I bought it. It's just £1.50 from the charity shop! LOL.
bought it yesteday when I was out in town. I'm starting to read all these books now. I mean love stories.
I stayed up kinda long time cos I was reading the book which caused me to wake up one hour later then usual =.=||

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYONE!!! and also to *HIM* hehe...
I forgot to say merry Christmas eve to him but I'm sure he also forgot it was Christmas eve today.. haha!!
anyways. I wish you readers are happy on Christmas eve and also Christmas!!
I am waiting for BOXING day!! It's the day when you open your Christmas present =D
if you are a Christian you would know it ;DD

Anyways. I was fooling around with the webcam yesterday and I came out with these
LOL. All also double XDDD kinda funny
I was bored without the internet yesterday..

Ohh and I'm watching about Episode 4 of Yes Sir!高校鐵金剛 
ICE is so BAD!!! moreover his english is SUPER BAD! LOL.
So funny the show!! It's a must watch show!!! 
If you have Astro AEC you can watch from there but I dunno still got show a 
not lar cos it's only 8 episode.


I'm going for steamboat today!! So I will not ONLINE

but I would be on facebook using my PHONE and also you can sms me just for some *special readers in MALAYSIA* who have my number please add at the front of my number "0044" to sms/call me. I forgot to tell you readers
I'm kinda forgetful now a days and my ears ada problemo sometimes..


Stupid of me on Christmas EVE.
I made him angry..
tomorrow he is not online so I have to SMS...
I was just joking wert since it was so damn BORINGGGGGG
So FINE then..
I'm talking to myself yesterday~~ as I always DO.
I'm not INSANE by the way I'm just lonely and doesn't want anyone to know
last time he was lonely so now I'm the one being lonely now. =.='' *padan 
Since HE doesn't want anyone in the FACEBOOK world to know tat we are a 
So I will say NOTHING at all about *my lover* next year =PPP FINE.
He must be happy to see this then XPPP
I know I'm mean but he is meaner then me.. so ha! left me without saying 
goodbye.. also...
its not his fault it's mine and ohh hooo 
I'm going to apologize to him tomorrow I need to relief stress at the moment 
so lala.. tomorrow oni larr
crapping myself up >___<

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