Wednesday, 30 December 2009


weee... just a random update before I go and dream my dear.. LOL

It was raining/drizzling at the moment then..
I was in the post office [ walked there ]
then the number called so i went to the thingy where you buy stamps.
then the women [I mean human working there] starts to stare at me.
then I stare at her she was totally blur
then she say "I have no idea what are you doing."
then I gave here then wth?! look and say "I want to buy stamps"
then continue put the envelopes on the weighing scale and stuff
the women is sooooooooo damn slow while she get the stamps...
like ohh i don't know which one to pick hmm.. let's see.. lala.. (in her brain)
goddddd... I was like ohhh faster lar..I want to go home gahh (in my brain)
woohoo... then she finally finish choosing then I left of cos.. and walk walk back homeee.
when you go to the post office of cos buy stamps right.. with the letters and stuff..right..
not really nice of me to swear but I can't help it >_< pissed off... wertdefarkkkk 

wondering who's the letter for
one for QuePohLing [ birthday card ] =D
another for KeanMun Christmas/birthday present XDDD
spent £2 something.. thought it would cost more LOL.

weee.... tomorrow I'm single.. hahaha.. why? cos dear is not online for the day. He is going to thailand for the day ='( I will miss him for the day.. wahaha.. =D He is celebrating New year in thailand.. while I celebrate in UK! LOL. I'm not sure if I will SMS him anot. If he SMS me then I SMS him lor.. (I'm so fair right) LOL

yerrr... =_______________________= I don't want to go to school. To be honest I hate school very much but I like some of the subjects LOL. I hate when it's break and lunch time =____= It's so boring you know.. why? cos it's so cold outside so I just have to stay inside in the library or computer room or toilet HAHAHA! there are clubs but I didn't go la. I'm so lazy..

Why I'm happy to go to school
1) I get Design and Technology week!
2) Christmas present!
3) Homework for some nice subjects I like. =D

Why I'm not happy to go to school
1) Drama week =.=
2) PE /PJK week
3) can't online
It's the same. LOL 3 vs. 3

I'm in LOVE 
with facebook! HAHAHAHA!!!!
but I love him more then anything. heehee.
facebook connects me and my friends together and also him 

I know this post is so boring but ;DD I updated right LOL!
I'm so lazy now a days but I haven't give up on my blog yet
by the way to readers which want to vomit when you read my blog please don't ;D
It's just for letting my thoughts out. so my thought's are these =D you can try too ;D it's FUN when you always do it ;DD
and also don't hate me yeahh.. you will just get wrinkles more easily ;D

camwhore before I go =D
edited today by the way.. took the picture quite long ago heehee.


lalala.. I just webcam with WONGJIAJEN

I like this one XDDD He looks like u wanna mess with me LOOK
but almost close his eyes adyy LOL.

this is a normal one XD but his webcam makes a little scratch there.

wee... dear going to Thailand tomorrow~~
I'm staying at home~~~
going to post some letters today~~ means going to town... so means no online...
you wanna chat with me.. online now or I offline adyy..
If I appear OFFLINE it means OFFLINE
If I appear ONLINE so yay! for you. you can chat with me if you wan to
not being perasaan or anything.
currently sakit perut.. =.=''
lame short post =________________=
wait for tomorrow's lameeee post

bye readers ;D


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