Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Oh my god~~~

muahahaha.. I copy what john say in facebook.. I'm a copycat meow.. xD
oh yeahh.. got my chemistry experiment finish..
ok today I write about today..

first period- Tech, WOW!! nice I like Tech I get to design. I'm currently designing mask. okay only. I finished though but I haven't stick the mask on the book. I do the design on A4 paper first so have to cut out and stick it in to the booklet but not enough time so I just ''cin cai'' stick it on..

Then BREAK and realize that I have to top up money for my phone to get free internet..

second period- PE, WORSE PE EVER!! Cross country run.. (run/jog the whole school field,but I just jog and walk only) Oh my god~~~ My legs still hurt from it. The school is so damn huge the field is more huge..WTH Then after the running I have netball and guess what I found out when I play netball I CAN'T SHOOT THE BALL IN THE FREAKING NET!!! I don't know what I will do tomorrow.. PE again.. GOSH...

Then LUNCH TIME [not actually lunch to me REHAT more likely] eat normal stuff bread.. my mum make like the turtle pau, Firstly crack the egg and beat it then add soya sos ''pak yau'' and I dunno what else she put in the egg mixture and the cut pieces of bread and the put the bread in the egg mixture then put it out and the put it on the pan to fry.. LOL long method.. xD Anyway.. after EATING went to library as always on the phone have to use credit =.='' send sms to h** cos nothing to do moreover I finally know what to reply to h** but **e din reply me =( so ohh well.. Then saw my sister in the library then I ask her can I use your phone after you she say no.. so BAD so selfish.. anyway..  wait until next class

last period- Chemistry, With Abbie COOL XD I got told that I was teacher's favorite student in class because I'm good in class LOL.. I'm so-called goody goody in class to be honest xD I got a merit!! YAY!! LMAO.. So it was ok..
lala.. then walk back from school.. like DUHH.. I have to walk =.=''
then reach home with my sister then eat Fish & Chips buy one then mummy go and fry it in the fryer thingy..
then bath then eat dinner RICE then end up here BLOGGING =)
Oh yeah.. thx to john gave me the idea for the tittle Oh my god~~~ from FACEBOOK XD

BY THE WAY to PUI YAN :- KIMI NI TODOKE's anime only nice :P
This the link for the anime  if you want to have a look at it ;)
Ok late now.. Byee.. I will update sooner or later by the way Internet is WORKING but I have to suffer two more days and tomorrow have STUPID LEARNING T. and PE =.='' GOSH I wish I could fast forward the time.. :P 

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