Sunday, 8 November 2009


I wan this CD!!! Rynn lin's new album!!!
but no cos here in UK don't have Rynn's new album leh T.T
only in malaysia got sell oni leh... ishh.. ishh..
anyway no point crying over spilt milk

oh and oh my oh my can't believe i didn't cry AHAHAHA tried to but didn't AHAHHAHA 
being crazy abit yesterday. got sum songs in my phone :) guess wat i was up until 11.00 on my phone using the internet.. I'm crazy rite.. and i think i have darker circles round my eyes.. GOSH anyway.. chatting with shirley and Dyckson boringg.... arhh me -____- forgot wat happen yesterday I have short memory =P I woke up like 8 sumthing in the morning not usual of me and the laptop my sis using already so i can't use to chat with him.. so wateva now. And i guess i was wrong yesterday :D ok have to do homework now 

ohhh his CD is out ady !! saw this in facebook he got sign de CD OMG... aww... but i can't buy leh.. 
so now.. wateva la 
tomorrow is skul T.T hate it haven't finish all homework by the way 
sigh.. anyway wateva =P short post 
john still away watching TV =='' later i have to off tomorrow he has to go to beijing then 9 days oni come back
i have to off now.. My sis wan to use so next next week oni chat with him again la... 
byebye to him I have to off now... so.. chat next time.. If it would be faster it would be better.. sessh now he still away watching TV oh well I can't wait him forever.. send me an offline message if u want :) 


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