Friday, 6 November 2009


My first time of making muffins 
I didn't chop the chocolate small so when i eat it it's like nuts.. AHAAHAAHA..chunks of chocolate but still nice lar :) I added icing decoration on three muffins only cos my mom doesn't like it and I didn't bring the icing to skul so i make it at home :) cute rite.. >____< perasaan sikit pulak.. here are some pictures of my muffins..    
a boy and a girl and a love 

and again

oh i like this the most its love angel

and last but not least KRYSTAL its me :) my own muffin just for me. 

OMG! I'm getting panda eyes see see the picture I just took in school :D 
OMG I think I need to sleep early or not I will have more dark circles yes I'm very fat hau so what..
Many people here very fat hau wan leh.. so young wear lots of make up and wear high heals.. their make up like hantu oni leh OMG!! LOL over reacting now.. so continue with friday update 

I haven't even go to bath.. LOL xD

Watching X Factor.. then go and makan makan dinner.. Baked beans and rice my sis cook not me ;)
hehe.. I dun always cook lazy ass.. I know I am one ;) ohh chat with Dyckson just know same old same old until he there 2.32 am. LOL he can stay till so late wow.. wish i could haha.. joking oni.. I'm not going to online that late later I have panda eyes.. O.O then not good la. 

These weekdays nothing much happen just that John finish his exam. Nothing much. Oh yeah RYNN LIN has new album I wan I wan >______< but I oni can c picture Aww... anyway bye now got to shower.. 

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