Sunday, 1 November 2009

get crazier.

short form.. My mum ,ME
lol.. while I was using the computer... 
my mom asked me

u use short form when you type wan arhh?
yeah arh why?
don't use lar
later when you write essay in english also write short form 
ooo..then what is short form for?
for texting lar, sms lar 

dam I was speechless at the moment so now I'm writing in proper.. 
proper English now no more ... u,r,wat,wen,2,4,etc.. 

lol... was quite a boring day and my holidays are offically over over over over.. 
aww...I will miss holiday but this holiday is quite boring cos it is.. 
oh yeah I just got like 55pence in my new phone cos I so stupidly din on the wifi.. How idiot... 
Two days before there were £10 now £0.55 oni =='' sesh... how idiot of me 
isshh.....isshhh....but I'm going to bring my old phone to skul at the moment and i'm going to top up my new phone like on tuesday or next sunday will see about that.. hehe..

urghh tomorrow is school. hate school but still i have to go :P
good thing is i have ICT thing not good is its quite slow for computers although it has microsoft 2007 
bye bye to my bloggie for a while...tomorrow would update see la.. hehe

ohh these days i'm getting crazier then ever 
yup.. crazier...i think the title only relate to this so ignore it if it doesn't match... 
 hmm... so wat now...oh yeah yesterdays shoes will post some pictures up or not neh too lazy ah
lazy......these days also post less leh but haha... muaahahha like to blog...

ahh so boring leh oh yeah.. john.. thursday oni on9 so...can chat with wanxin earlier hehe... lol...

once my life was dull and came a little boy who shined my world like bright shining star in the dark skies

speechless* these days... so boring but still i blog i don't understand lol.. xD hehe.. maybe cos i'm weird?? lol i don't know hehe.. 

picha of the day=]

post next time if i have new ideas on wat to post 
will not be posting like 2 or 4 days later...  


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