Sunday, 29 November 2009


LOL look at these funky socks I bought yesterday at the market..
looks LOL very FUNKY 
cheap lehh 3 for £5, one for £3 so mummy bought 3 so it's £5
LOL I'm now talking about prices ohh well kinda short post wait until I think of something I will post it out =)
Wait yeahh.. hehe..

I like Graffiti. I drew That 
But copy de =P *copycat* meoww.. =3
I don't always draw Graffiti cos sometimes I have mood I only draw

Rynn Lim..
I cut from the chinese newpaper and stick it on my cupboard
LOL so every night I can see him before I go to sleep xD

John go and see 2012 today so he din online and he finish watching it around 2a.m. in the morning. aww.. I want to see also but if I go and see in the cinema which is like 100 KM away from home moreover my dad only knows the way.. my mum not really. We have to drive to London or somewhere only there is a cinema.. In the place where I live [SUDBURY] don't have cinema =.='' ishh..
So jealous wehh... >.< XD
but no point la have to wait until it shows in the television =D then I can watch muahaha..
but when I watch already outdated la.. HAHA!!
Still playing with new photoeditor XD
Sing competition on WEDNESDAY!!!!!
Cooking soup on THURSDAY!!!!!
wish me goodluck =)



Which one?? Rainbow or Greyscale.. COMMENT PLEASE!! in my -cbox- 
LOL first time I can not choose between which one XD
really need your help.. my brain doesn't work on it's own

RELINK if I link u
Don't forget ;D but I'm sure if u can see this post u are going to relink me XD

LOL.. byeee. :D

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