Saturday, 7 November 2009


today bad mood with TJL
he got fed of me asking him ''why you like me?''
I always ask him but today he got fed up >_______< stupid TJL .. 
blek~~ =P hate you.. stupid... =P want me to forgive u very hard lor.. hmm... 
he answered but he say *PRIVATE* can't tell you its secret.. hehe...
hate you la.. blek~~ 
yes I'm moody so wat.. don't like don't like lar
I think i would be crying tonight. sobs* I'm already starting to cry I don't mind wasting some tears once a while
I'm not happy I'm not sad I'm just moody  that is it. 
If you don't understand me then we could just shut down like a computer Its just with one simple click
People have emotions and today I'm moody 
I just want you to answer one question is that so hard if it is then i will not ask ever again 
fine with me fine with you 
I just will not ask you this question ever ever again don't beg me to ask you    

*when u read this don't blame me it's your fault u made me post this post which i shouldn't post*
*This is serious not joking*  

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