Sunday, 22 November 2009


Happy Birthday !!
ViVian Lee 
My childhood friend.
Knew her since Standard 1 wakaka
I remember still I go to her room and play and watch TV XD good times good times.
I always go to her parents cafe and have hot chocolate =)
while her room is upstairs oni so I can go upstairs and play with her xD
good times.
wish you are always happy
wish you get straight A's
you are always a friend of mine..


tralala.. wee.. today more less.. =.='' you see you see..

 krystal says :
John says :
 krystal  says :

leave without saying goodbye.. =.=''
anyway enough about him.
muahaha took a test of ''what is your love story?''

E-large it so can see clearer xD lol Funny xD
anyway... enough about love. my life is getting miserable with love and also to some people..
I'm gonna give up?? No la.. gonna leave it oni.. leave until he choi me.. but I think it won't be talking to me again today why cos he offline ady and I think he won't on back I guess

I end up blogging here again.. xD
tralalala.. ohh chat with john's talking to a stranger xD ohh.. and also
asking me questions xD laugh die me lor !!! wan to know ?? ask me lah see if I tell u wakaka.. Crazy ==''
never mind I killed 4 hours upstairs in my room with music from my phone.. Doing homework rajinnya *perasaan case* Pictures I took with my phone.

 Two oni la.. Pens.. A piece of paper.. My science evidence that I do revision for up coming TEST !! @.@
about Food and Air for Life. Digestion system @.@ Lungs, Heart, Foetus-Baby, GOSH.. so maybe to remember.. brain also BOOM ZHA!! but my Physics more worse read the notes also =_____= mengantuk cos read too much of Biology xD

WOW!! get to hear Rynn's new songs. I just changed my blog song to 《七天追到你》MV 完整版
I love his SONGS!! xD gila sikit saya tak mind *bad malay* xD ohh I also want this song 独家首播<活到一百岁>MV but cannot find T.T anyway still I got 《七天追到你》MV 完整版  I get his songs from FACEBOOK thx to FACEBOOK I can get news about him FYI I added his fans club thats how I know xD Freak.. =P LOL xD taking to myself wat a weirdo anyhow 
Tomorrow I have to go to school,Have to wait for SMS if I'm lucky I would get one :D and lastly I have to wait for FRIDAY to come. and and also I have TECH- Technology I get to design stuff currently designing MASK.. =) bye for now I will update sooner or later.. Wait yeah and I know some readers have holidays and I don't have T.T 4 weeks I will be joining some readers on holidays!! HAHA!! XD

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