Saturday, 7 November 2009


wahh.. 208 post now didn't know it was tat fast.. LOL XD 
playing friendster don't know why go round ppl's profile and see pictures and then comment comment
bad comment, good comment, stupid comment also give give give 
ahahahaha.. sot jor me.. 
ohh I 8.00 p.m oni on9 leh today cos wan to chat with Dyckson don't want to ''fong fei gei'' so those of u who on9 at 8 p.m. would see me on9 =3 In malaysia.. In london is 4 pm.. 

My friendster profile ya i know its pink but there's gray :) 
pink is not my fav colour by the way,purple is :)

my sister is sleeping why cos she sakit.. batuk..cough cough but not swine flu lar CHOI!! touch wood
Lol dunno what to say now lost topic chatting with shirley lalala... talk random stuff as usual bla bla.. 
I'm going more lazy these days.. GOSH.. later go and do homework.. homework homework everywhere 

By 林俊傑 and 蔡卓妍
love this song :D
ok that's today update 

yup i wiped my tears and promise not to cry 
I saw this on THIS BLOG

Which way will you go ?The left one where nothing is rightor the right one where nothing is left ?

Meaningful I think so.. 
Although I promise not to cry doesn't meant I won't cry 

i still luv u 
i still miss u
i won't forget u 
i will never lie to u 



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