Tuesday, 27 October 2009


my update for today no.1 i want to say is its very very boring but i like it yeah i know I'm weird so wat i dun care :P I'm in the library.today urghh.... have to top up few days later if not cannot sms ppl lor ... sei lor ...gud thing is my frens have finish exam yay! 

but bad news is 8 days to go then i can chat with john ... wait ...wait .... haiz... I hate to wait u know sometimes its like waiting for a thousand years and I know its hard,I know u some readers also think the same as I am.

haha~~ nothing much to blog lately but I have use quite a lot of credit these days ...from texting ppl to using the stupid internet tat only works on blogger and google...still haven't work out how to use facebook on my phone ... >________<  

I'm going quite crazy lately y cos ...err...I don't know. Oh yeah I'm going to blog in proper ENGLISH yeah i am blogging like broken English i realize :P I know I'm quite err....how to say it weird WEIRD... but still i don't get one thing I always wonder this but then I lastly still don't get it.

ok the thing is why do guys/boys even like me?? 

can anyone answer my question... hmm.... oh yeah.. on the holidays when i have nothing to do i often think about LOVE ... I know I'm weird :P blek~~ If u have the answer to my question... tell me yah on my msn or my facebook or my friendster or my cbox which is available everyday :D 

Another quetion .... Am I weird ???
Another one ....Am I very fan ??? 

Tell the truth I won't scold u or hate u If u say the truth I won't hate u if u do i would hate u loads.. :) 

oooo...I'm currently loving heart breaker
ur my heart breaker ...ur my heart breaker 
ok back to blogging ... 

oh yeah I ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS after i go to sleep which i would have nightmares or sweet dreams I would listen to DOWN by (JJ lin/林俊傑 thats traditional/林俊杰 thats simplified/Wayne Lim which is his English name) on my mp3. there's a picture there to let u see who isit ;) so cute rite him >______< but not really a huge fan of him but I like his songs by the way 

Oh yeah have I mention that I want to buy a new phone maybe I mean maybe lar going to get Sony ericsson satio which is just on sale by the way it cost £499.95 OMG!!! aww...too expensive so bye bye sony ericsson satio ...  

Or this one Sony ericsson w705

both of this phone is £100 above and I'm waiting to let the phone price to go cheaper xD I think I would get Sony ericsson w705 hehe...moreover it has walkman so i can listen to songs with it haha then I could go on the internet and try to go on maybe... MSN :) wait till I have MY NEW phone maybe going to get it on CHRISTMAS

We wish u a merry Christmas we wish u a merry Christmas and a happy new year !!
LOL.. crazy a bit.. :P On 13 DECEMBER 2009 I'm having HOLIDAY again YEAH.... for Christmas. I luv holidays although its boring... I get to online :) I luv to online like the song by 
JJ lin ''Always Online'' HAHA!! LOL..

Urghh....next monday have to go to skul -____- HATE skul but still have to go... good news is I have ICT and also FOOD TECH. I can bake muffins next week.. chocolate chip muffin with vanilla flavoring... I think it would be nice I would upload sum pictures of it... And also I have to finish my packaging 
design which is currently working on it... 

The bad news is I have French and German on Monday which is very bad cos I hate learn french and german.. Still I know a bit of German.... 
  • Hallo! = hello 
  • Gut = good
  • Danke = thank you 
LOL my German language is simple cos I just learn for a few months...

  • un, deux, trois = one, two, three 
  • Je regarde le télévision = I am watching the television
LOL my French ok oni but I'm in the top set o.0 moreover I learn oni this year while others learn from when they were year 5 or 6 I'm not sure.. maybe I'm a good student XD while new
One thing is weird is I always get merits for history while not geography o.0 I'm new to the history by the way so i will always like ooo icic.. cos i dunno one thing about history here learning world war 1 and 2 at the moment =] cool... and just finish geography on global warming and green house effect =] going to do a report for it >__< which I haven't done it cos I don't have any I mean ANY of the information on how to do it.. so I'm waiting till skul reopens so I can do it so I will go to the computer room on lunch times while not the library =]

ok thats all I'm going to blog wait till tomorrow and ohh.. the time here have changed from slow 1 hour... cos summer is over and now its autumn cold autumn this year and it is very dark like during 5.00 in the evening.. so will not go out to the library on tuesdays or maybe will.. c lar maybe i go also will go with my sis.. while not use the small, dark and short cut roads cos it would be dangerous to walk on those small, dark roads..

So wat else I think its the end moreover its 10 sumthing now.. got to go and sleep =___= I want to wake up early and on9 tomorrow.. 
sorry..and oh yeah tomorrow I'm ONLINE!!! cos wan to chat with kinjo moreover her exam is OVER and I wish her goodluck with her result later on... ^^ 

by the way means 
bye bye lor.

kinda hyper today on writing blog...today is a successful update by the way my best update ever I could say. =] 

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