Monday, 26 October 2009

●. Trip out town .●

I'm out of sudbury but I know im in wingyip shopping center which sells malaysia food and also china food etc. just finish eating dimsum :P I'm full so now burning energy by shopping in this chinese shop haha! my first time using the phone to blog same lar cos my phone has the keyboard thingy so I'm typing like using the keyboard I dunno how many credit left in my phone but I rarely use it except these few days smsing with john going to top up few days later cos wanna get free text so can text john without using any credit in my phone Today i dunno y I felt like blogging haha maybe accdicted to bloging xD sry if any wrong spelling. buh bies. readers its all from me now my sis wan to use also she's desprate using my phone cos she wan to post also xD

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