Sunday, 11 October 2009


sooo sien maybe going to be more sien for 2 weeks cos malaysia ppl got EXAM !!!! lol wish them all gudluck XD. Me i have exam .... Biology !!!! going to have to study study...this THURSDAY !!!!!! next year i have to take GCSC !!! must work harder lor next year maybe lesser online or NOT haha XD I can't leave my blog next year while studying ... teehee. lol i blog more then study XD

wanxin got really nice pictures :) sometimes so jealous ... moreover she has my dream camera ...soo jealous LoL ....sometimes i'm so jealous at ppl who can edit their pics soo nice....i sometimes also copy them haha... cos my brain dont have idea how to edit...all in my studies XD new picture :)Waiting for my Prince

New show with Rynn Lim in it ....LoL just found out in facebook....its a forensic movie ,malaysia version =D XD saw the preview will be showed during 25 October 2009 on 8tv 8.30pm every Sunday here's the preview :)

稽查专用/ The Adjusters


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