Thursday, 22 October 2009

PHSE / random / innocent specs

yesterday was PHSE day
firstly was about healthy eating blah blah and do some activity and get to go on the gym thingy like the bicycle thingy, the steping thingy .... i oni got to go on the bicycle thingy... 
then next period was about sex education and learn those ''stuff'' it was pretty funny and the condom stuff and someone blow a condom up LOL its huge by the way :) 
then the last period is on drama OMG!! the 6th former is so dam good in acting and play sum games and then write something about wat u lost.... with some music on and lesser lights on. cool :) 

so a day had past -____-

wee...tommorow is friday =] and then half term holiday for one week + halloween :D yay!! 4 me but then urghhh... john offline and wanxin also lar cos they r in chinese skul :( 

past few days john have been sms me :) its been a long time since i got a text from him .. ohh i didn't get any text from him except past few days he suddenly sms me :) nice of him to tell me tat he won't online tat's how i know he won't online this week and also maybe next week .... 

next month is november i didn't realise it then december its holiday for me on the 13th 
CHRISTMAS holiday !!! yeah!!! i'm gonna get my new phone i think i wish >__< 

ok then today thursday and tomorrow is friday :) today is bad day >____<  gosh my specs my poor innocent specs  got hit by the basketball today
IT GOT BENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes it got bent and then my dad fix it a bit before he goes to work GREAT DAD :) Luv him <3 XD lol now continue oh yeah im sitting her uncomfortably with my uncomfortable specs on the chair typing anyway now wateva at least now i can see and yes i cried who doesn't when she/he got hit by the ball its NORMAL reaction :) no worries. It had been a very very bad day for me while i have no one to chat with no worries i will chat with john after he finishes his exam :) gudy gudy :P waiting now :) not very patient by the way but time past very fast i guess 

and i finish my book i read from monday finished 4 days a record for me :) have to read cos its reading challenge :) Its a love story >____< so nice man its about a 14 year old girl like a 18 year old guy and then they kiss each other bla bla ...and then they on and off and on and off OMG but then they lastly didn't become an item (couple) I was laughing while reading this book XD i'm gila sikit :P going to get another book :) :D from the library :D 

gonna post more tomorrow ... hang on peeps :) i will be back 

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