Saturday, 31 October 2009

NEW PHONE!!! a new PHONE !!! 
going to investigate it like after breakfast.... 
guess wat I got SAMSUNG JET (rose black) so its got red but wat so eva should have choosen violet but wat so eva i like black... WEIRD....anyway back to the phone.. let me show u 
This is Samsung Jet Black.
Touch screen.
5 megapixel.
Photoeditor. :)
Facebook. :)
Video editor. :) 
Good for entertainment :)

haha...I oni pay my dad £100 xD muahahahaha and he pay the rest.... cos he promised to buy me a new phone but now oni get me :) still happy still happy xD so happy!!! lol.. hyper sikit calm down calm down hehe.. xD my two other sis got the two other phone so all also not same we can play each others phone except for my elder sis.. she wants privacy gosh!! but i think she would let us play her phone :) if we say please :) 

my phone number didn't change still the same :) wan my phone number ask me lar ah in msn ;) 
use back the same sim card.. 
haha.. finally wanxin finish her exam but john haha!! still exam :P thursday maybe he online don't know lar
haha.. my school, yes reopen from one week holiday =='' GOD.. ohh but no worries on 13th December holiday starts
Its like a month away.. can't wait.. I LOVE HOLIDAYS!! =='' LoL 
anyway got to go now byebye :) update more tomorrow wait yeah..   


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