Sunday, 18 October 2009

【lol using picasa 3】

ignore the title cos i have ntg to write moreover the time here is 4.00 mum is making karipap and im eating one =] so long i din eat yummy =] ate two and continue blogging =] today i din chat with wanxin ler or john =( so boring pulak playing pet society boring till play game !!!! LOL i would go crazy =O no la just kidding haha... 

haihh my learning to learn homework havent do !!!!my english haven't do also !!!! and im here blogging and playing game...i'm so lazy man so now im resting after i did my art homework :) hehe ... 
ahhh ...chatting with kean mun cos no one to chat with but he is bust A BIT always busy A BIT 
yohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!! level 8 for pet society :) haha ... yeahh im playing game :O LOL ahh going to do my homework now :P 


hehe...using picasa uploader :) hehe ...but still i can't find the perfect photo editor =P sigh wen will i >.< i dunno leh haha.... dunno ler 
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