Thursday, 29 October 2009


LOL its like 7 sumthing in the morning =.='' quite early u think the time change leh 
Art of the day...tada...
did it like few days ago by the way KRYSTAL.. its my name ;)

chatting with kean mun..talking bout babysitting.. xD 
so next topic is....I DUNNO... xD :P 
oh lala found this pic xD 
lol... it was lying round my folders of memories...aww~~I was so cute xD *perasaan* pulak
lol.. kean mun with a peace~~ lol teasing him on msn xD but he din respond....>__<
blek~~ :P next time dun share picha with u hmm.... just joking by the way 
The most I remember names of was... of cos kean mun, Imran and.. err.... I really dunno =O can't remember any names of girls... $%^&

schedule of the day...

GO TO TOWN on 1.00 TO DO 
:: top-up credit for phone
:: go and buy birthday card for Edward if i can find one
:: go to the library to on9 
:: go back home to eat lunch 
TILL...3.00 i think it would be.... :) 

CASH $.$ going to go ..flying like birds of freedom... GOSH... swt..
Picha of the day =]
camwhoring yesterday after dinner :) ohh the biggest one I have rabbit teeth >_____<

lol.. finally got picha of my sis.... xD do we look alike?? LOL sry kinda blur picha I alreadi sharpen it but still its like tat..The right hand side is ME.. and the other one is my sis lar.. LOL our skul picha xD so so do we look alike??

La corda Doro Premo passo 2 correct spelling?! I dunno long time I din c already leh..Love this anime but the manga I haven't even read yet cos lazy....ahahaHAHAHA.. 

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