Friday, 23 October 2009

CHIPS!!! or FRENCH FRIES!!!|christmas chocolate|WTF!

oh lala ... yeah they are CHIPS[in British English] n FRENCH FRIES[in American English] :P I will eat most fridays but not every friday la ...nice golden crispy chips some lar :D yummy plus some kind of sos i think its BBQ sos or maybe its gravy I'm not sure :P gonna have it this supper :) yummy ....

Lol my hand is there .... my sis took this picture :P 

hehe...chocolate white chocolate inside and chocolate outside :) Its Christmas chocolate by the way :)
NICE :) and its almost CHRISTMAS :D 2 more months :D
I would get my christmas present if i have :)


sry for the stupid title ...y i write tat as my title cos I totally din get my email from skul >_______< how can i do my report OMG !!!!!!!!! someone help me !!! 
I firstly sent it to my e-mail but then it won't work!!!!!!!! I came home and NO any e-mail WTF rite I know VERY VERY ANNOYING + internet connection is so so poor at the moment ... GOD how can i do my report I'm dieing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
sigh ....nvm i ask my fren lar wish they got it :) pls pls pls pls OH PLS !!!
GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't do my report and also my frens also can't except the ones which print it out :P ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :P so now ....going to bath later or maybe now XD SHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! i dunno wat to do lor for my report so maybe I'm going to go to the ICT room on lunch time and on break go and buy  French dictionary cos I need one for french class :) yes i have to learn French :( ITS HORRIBLE !! HATE IT!! loads by the way ;)
ohh yeah maybe my teacher has one so I ask him through e-mail :) and ask him to send the task to me :D maybe he has pls pls pls say he has it !!! IF NOT then dun need to do lor :( but also good cos no homework XD 

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